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Gratitude Journal: Love Llamas. Gratitude Journal For Kids. Write In 5 Good Things A Day For Greater Happiness 365 Days A Year (Custom Diary)


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Product Description

This llama gratitude journal is a great for kids of all ages! This lovely 5 Good Things A Day journal is ready to be customised and filled with things which make you happy. It’s simple, fun and inspires children to be more positive, grateful and happy plus it only takes a few minutes to fill out!

All it requires is that you list 5 things each day which you are grateful for. This journal lets you do this 365 days a year and allows you to create a lovely gratitude list and keepsake of all the great things in your everyday life. This gratitude diary helps you find greater happiness, right where you are.

This handy 20cm x 25.5cm (8”x10”) diary has plenty of space to write in and create a gratitude list. This gratitude journal is all about fun, positivity and appreciation to increase emotional wellbeing!

– Encourages children and teenagers to reflect and feel grateful.

-Makes a great gift for children of all ages!

– Create a gratitude list of all the things that make you happy!

-Customise your gratitude journal and create a lovely keepsake!

– Lovely Christmas gift or stocking filler!